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Automotive Repair Sherwood!

About Us.

Constructed in 2009 Several honours in the automotive industry have been bestowed upon us. We deliver Spark plug inspections, Braking System inspections, Wheel bearing inspections, Suspension inspections, Clutch operation, and tyre inspections all under one roof and at fair rates.Oil and filter changes are complimentary.

Our Services.

Air Filter

Automotiverepairsherwood air filters are made specifically for your vehicles. It collects pollutant particles in the air, allowing your engine to live a pollution-free existence. True clean air improves car health.

Engine Oil Change

We guarantee the consistency of our completely synthetic and pure engine oil for your car. Fill your vehicle’s engine with this oil to give it a new lease on life.

A.C Filter

Works in conjunction with a vehicle’s ventilation system to provide cleaner, cooler interior air. It absorbs toxic gas, such as Toluene, N-butane, and SO2. It provides a cool breeze of air since it contains carbon and naturally deodorising baking soda for eliminating odours that pass through the ventilation system.

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